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Cirkuit Networks is unlike other Internet companies. We do not try to hide behind our software and servers, but rather realize that these are just a couple of many tools you need to thrive in the online marketplace. We specialize in e-commerce, and it is our goal to give you the highest level of service we can provide. We pride ourselves in working with you one-on-one to deliver the best, custom solution for your unique business. When you succeed, so do we. We are here for you, and we truly appreciate your interest in our services.

Over 10 years of internet business experience.

What started as a class project for a Purdue University computer science graduate has blossomed into perhaps the most flexible e-commerce solution available. We now have teams of the brightest minds constantly updating and expanding our feature set.

In a world where technology advances overnight, it is crucial that your internet presence remains solid and standard.

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That’s why we’re here. Not only is full hosting, backups, security, and support included, but you also get the latest software updates for life. Remember, nobody carried a smart phone when we first became incorporated in 2004.

This is what we do. Talk to us today.

Give us a call, send us an email, let's get the ball rolling. It costs you nothing to discuss your project with us.

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