SEO-Cart Web Based Live Chat Service

Real-Time Communication

Enable Real-time instant chat communication with your website visitors. Interact with your visitors to provide higher level of customer support, up-sell products, assist in purchase decisions and offer that human touch to help you stay head of competitors.

  • Real-Time Chatting with your Customers
  • Multiple Chat Requests
  • Auto Save Transcripts
  • Search Transcripts
  • Operator-to-Operator Chats
  • Capture Visitor Data

Customization and Administration

Customize your chat icons and chat windows to seamlessly integrate in to your website design look and feel.

  • Operator Console Monitor
  • Operator Online/Offline Activity Monitor
  • Department Chat Icons
  • Spam Blocking

Reporting and Statistics

View detailed reports and statistics to view the performance level of your online chat system.

  • Operator Rating System
  • Daily Request Reports
  • Log Transcripts

SEO-Cart Live Chat Service Fees

$99 Setup fee, $19.95/month

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